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Art Murmur Gallery Announces the Opening of “BORDERLINE STATES,” featuring the work of Laszlo Gyorffy and Paul Pitsker

April 1, 2006 7-10 pm

Art Murmur Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of a provocative new exhibition of works by two emerging artists - Laszlo Gyorffy of Budapest, Hungary, and Paul Pitsker of Los Angeles. The show, entitled “BORDERLINE STATES,” will run April 1-May 25, 2006.

Laszlo Gyorffy is a rising young painter who has been making news in the art world and garnering museum attention throughout Hungary and Central Europe for his “mutation/hybrid” paintings. In these works, which are often portraits, self-portraits or “clones,” realism is fused with abstraction in challenging ways which suggest a continuum of existence. The subjectiveness of perception and reality, and ultimately the meaning of life, are interrogated. Sexuality, religion and commercialism often provide an intriguing subtext in these mysterious, eerie works.

Paul Pitsker of Los Angeles also expresses through his work an existential enquiry. His “angels” series of oils on canvas explores such themes as anthropomorphism and the thwarted desire for transcendence; whereas his “bug” watercolors on paper carry with them a twentieth century Kafkaesque sensibility. While quite different in style and presentation, both sets of Pitsker’s work comment on the fragility of life and mortality, and the transitional nature of being.

It is both artists’ fascination with the unknowable in life which links their work and creates the premise of the title, “BORDERLINE STATES.” In its continuing effort to present thematic exhibitions, Art Murmur Gallery is proud to present these two amazing artists and their views on the paradox of human existence.



Paul Pitsker, Spoiled, 2005, watercolor

Paul Pitsker, Side, 2006, watercolor

Paul Pitsker, Safe, 2005, watercolor


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